Asha & Perry Get Hitched Beautiful Oxford

I am so pleased to be able to share Asha & Perry’s wedding photographs and a piece of writing by Asha about the two of them.  It was truly a special day and I felt completely swept up in it.  Beautiful, quirky, ethereal, funny, sweet and full of love and laughter are just a few words that come to mind when I think of it.   This was my first time photographing at the Bodleian and it was a complete honour.  It is an incredible venue and run so well.  I was captivated by its beauty and history.  Some of the shots where taken upstairs on the library, you may recognise it from the Harry Potter films.  The books are so ancient and so special that they are all individually alarmed.  And each used to be chained to the wall so that they were only available for the scholars to read in that very spot.


For all of their guests, all of the photos are available to view here let me know if you need the password.


Here is a little about Asha and Perry.


Perry and I met in 2010, when I came up to Oxford University and joined an extremely fun and strange drama society called the Oxford University Light Entertainment Society (or OULES for short). We got together in November 2011, after putting on several pantomimes, and we’ve never quite managed to leave the society yet, even though we’ve both graduated in the meantime! Fittingly, our first date was at the theatre, at a show now affectionately referred to as ‘that terrible Antony and Cleopatra’ (sorry James!) – the best part of the night was Perry walking me home in the rain, and then both of us being so nervous that we managed to talk over each other while asking each other out. From that day, we’ve pretty much been inseparable – I don’t think either of us had any idea how right everything was going to feel. We have a lot to thank OULES for! Perry even proposed to me on stage, on the last night of Robin Hood, a show I wrote and he directed, with all of our family and friends there to witness it (and boost ticket sales, of course!). Now that’s some fairy tale magic.



We’ve more or less stayed attached to Oxford since meeting – I now work for the University’s Mathematical Institute, while Perry teaches Maths at Radley College. The city holds so many memories for us, and has been an amazing backdrop to our relationship, so getting married at the Bodleian Library was a natural choice. It’s the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen, and made the whole day feel wonderfully special but also perfectly ‘us’. I was lucky enough to be able to get ready in Brasenose College, in the room I lived in when I first started dating Perry, and he got ready in his old room at Mansfield, so when we walked over to the Bodleian to come together for the ceremony, it was an echo of all the times Perry walked over to Brasenose to see me. We chose to meet (but not see!) each other before the ceremony at the college door where I had to let him in every night!


The main thing we wanted to achieve with our wedding (besides marrying each other!) was to have a relaxed, fun day, as there is so much laughter in our relationship. It was incredibly good fun to add touches of humour throughout the day, like the plush echidna that joined in the celebrations, the geeky references in our vows and readings, or the sheer ridiculousness of dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’ in one of the oldest and most revered buildings in Oxford! We haven’t been able to keep the smiles off our faces since we got together, so it’s only fitting that the wedding was so much fun too.


Here are some words from Asha and Perry, from one of the most wonderful emails I’ve ever had…




Seriously, these pictures are all amazing! You did such a wonderful job of capturing the day, we were beaming from start to finish as we went through them all – what wonderful photos 😀 You and Kay are absolute geniuses behind the camera!


I love how many shots you got of us cracking up. The solemn and sensible ones are gorgeous and will be much loved, but the funny ones are the cutest reminder of that wonderful butterfly elation we both felt!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t think we’ll ever be able to express exactly how much we love what you’ve done for us. You are amazing!!!


I love my job!



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