Outdoor Headshots

Outdoor headshotsIf you are in need of a new headshot, have you considered having it taken outside?  In this blog I talk about why it might be worth going outdoors instead of using a studio or office.


I specialise in ‘Natural Light Photography / Portraiture’.  The main bulk of my work is filled with weddings and outdoor family portraits but I love taking on ad hoc jobs such as head shots, cars, animal portraits etc.  I use my knowledge of natural light photography to get some really striking shots.


There are so many benefits to shooting headshots outside.  Here are a few:


– Being outdoors in the fresh air is also incredibly relaxing, which is so important.  If you are feeling tense of anxious it will show in your photo.  I dont know about you but I tend to feel happy and more carefree when Im out in nature, it is easier to relax… this is so helpful when having your photograph taken.  However you are feeling really comes through in your photograph.  I love smiling and I love making people smile, so always make this my goal when Im with clients.  A studio is not a natural environment so can be harder to achieve a happy state of relaxation.


– Studios are great and can create amazing photographs but backdrops and lighting can be limited and quite time consuming.  There are incredible and endless back drops available to us outside.  It is important to take into account exactly what your headshot is for and what kind of backdrop would be relevant to compliment your personality and lifestyle.  A modern dancer might choose a more urban and concrete setting , an author or even photographer such as myself might feel the countryside is more appropriate.


The Sun as an amazing tool in photography.  Whether its behind a cloud creating a soft light or out in full backlighting its subject or lighting a subject that is sat in the shade.  If used right, it can help to produce simply magical photography, if used wrong it can completely ruin a photograph.  Luckily, with my experience I have learned how best to manipulate and use the sun to my advantage.  And with my creative eye I love to use both the sun and landscape to produce some really appealing photographs.


I tend to use a very large or ‘wide’ aperture, which creates a very shallow depth of field.  This is perfect for headshots.  It means that the subject will be in sharp focus but anything in the foreground or background will be blurred away, perfect to take away any distractions.  Bokeh can also set a very attractive and colourful frame.  This is when the points of light (maybe shining through trees) become blurred and appear as lovely blurred circles, sometimes very colourful.


I am always happy to choose a location if you are unsure, or come to you if you have something in mind.


Props can sometimes work well as long as they add to the subject and dont take away from it.




£100 – Includes 4 high res digital files

£150 – Includes 7 high res digital files

£175 – Includes all high res digital files in colour and black and white



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