My Old Student Self Portrait

As I would Not Like to Be

As I would Not Like to Be

I have just come across one of my old sketchbooks from my student days in Bristol studying photography and wanted to share my final pieces!  I had so much fun doing this project.  The title was ‘Self Portrait’ and the brief was to produce a series of 5 photographic images that all form part of a self portrait, working under the following titles…. ‘As I would Like to B’, ‘As I would Not like to Be’, ‘Nude’, ‘As Others Perceive Me’ and ‘In the Environment’.


It makes me very happy to know that I am pretty much living as I wanted to!  Married, with two children and 2 cats, working as a photographer (see the camera lying on the chair next to me), I live in the beautiful Cotswolds with amazing countryside all around me, I am well traveled, with lots more to come (the meaning of the globe on the table)…. maybe havent quite made the millions yet… but there is still time!  And the guy holding the husband mask ended up being my husband! The nude portrait was a representation of what so many women strive to look like as well as how women are so often drawn in comics and cartoons (not a true representation to how I actually looked!)  For ‘As Others Perceive Me’ I asked a bunch of family and friends to write down honestly how they perceived me.  I then projected these onto the wall behind me and projected a question mark onto me meaning… is this actually true? who knows?


I hope you like them!  Alexis x




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