Engagement Shoot – Included in all of my wedding packages


“Engagement shoot?” I hear you say. Why yes! I include an engagement shoot in all of my wedding packages and here is why… 




It is a wonderful opportunity for:

  • Us to get to know each other before the wedding.  We probably will have met once before to chat about the wedding, maybe not, we might have only talked on the phone.  The more we get to know each other, the easier it will be for you to feel relaxed on your wedding… the photographer is one of the people you spend the most time with on the day so it is essential you feel at ease and comfortable with that person.  
  • You to get used to having your photo taken and for me to give you an idea of how I might ask you to stand, tilt you head, hold your hands…. the list goes on.  I like to keep the photos as natural as possible, but a little guidance goes a long way.  This way you will know what you have in store on the big day… putting you further at ease.  I want for your wedding photography to be  a positive experience, enjoyable, fun, special.
  • Me to get to know your venue and suss out all of the potential locations, any lighting issues etc.  As well as meet your wedding co-ordinator and/or any other key people that may be there.
  • You to have a wonderful set of photos and a photo enlarged to display on your wedding day maybe with a large mount for all of your guests to sign, or use as a ‘save the date’ or simply put in a frame in the house.


I took the above engagement photos recently at Merriscourt in the cotswolds.  It’s an incredibly beautiful wedding venue in the heart of the countryside, with hundreds of acres of land.  The wedding is coming up next year and I cannot wait.  Click on the individual photos to see them in more detail.  Merriscourt is a stunning venue for wedding photography.



I am always updating my wedding gallery, so please have a look through to get an idea of the style of my photography, hopefully it will leave you inspired for your own wedding photography.  Above are a few of my favorites.


Alexis x

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